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WELLNESS... Support your body's immune system with love, attention and all things natural. Celestial Salts WELLNESS Bath and Body soak has been created for just that purpose. A carrier oil of pure natural coconut oil to feed, protect and nurture your skin infused with essential oils of Lemon, Frankincense and Lavender that provide cleansing, detoxifying, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and immune supporting properties. Guaranteed to ward off the nasties or speed up your recovery from illness. Immerse yourself into WELLNESS. 


Ingredients: Essential oils of Lemon, Lavender and Frankincense. Magnesium Sulphate(Epsom Salts) and WA lake salts. Pure Coconut Oil & LOVE.

Wellness 400g Jar- Celestial Salts Body Soak

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